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strange but true

I picked up an email from my non-fiction site the other day. Having decided it wasn’t spam—they didn’t want to sell me Ray Bans or improve my performance in search engines or the bedroom—I replied to it and found myself in conversation with Kate Winslet’s assistant (as you do). Kate, as I must now call her, wanted to read one of my poems at a charity event the following night. Well…. okaaaay then.

How heartening to know that such an International Cheese was involving herself with a local good cause. I feel proud to have been read for such a purpose, and in such company. Unfortunately I don’t have a recording but I do have the delight of my work being chosen. ‘Poetry makes nothing happen’, eh? You just never know.

Tuesday night

Hello all. A reminder that I’m taking part in an online reading on Tuesday 14th September, at Flight of the Dragonfly. You can get tickets at the site. I’ll be reading some pieces from my next collection, hungers, as well as some which are already out there in the world. Be lovely to “see” you if you can come.

pleasing news

A quick post to let you know that I’ve recently won the Ware Poetry Sonnet Prize, with the poem I wrote for my mother shortly before she died. The competition was judged by the splendid, and local-to-me, Kim Moor. It was interesting reading her judge’s report because…

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a guest

I’m delighted to let you know that this week’s poetry column will be guest-authored for us by Nigel Kent, a poet and reviewer who’s a fellow Hedgehog Press poet. His piece will be out on Thursday at 11, as usual, and will look at a piece by Ted Kooser. I’m looking forward to being introduced to a new poet. See you then!

read all about it

Just wanted to let you know that shades of blue has been reviewed here, on my colleague Nigel Kent’s site. Definitely a read it and purr situation for me! The other good news is that Nigel is going to be a guest columnist here for us in a couple of weeks’ time, which I’m very much looking forward to. A treat for me to be surprised by someone else’s choice.
And before then, of course, I’ll see you on Thursday, as usual.

not just getting there, but there

shades of blue will be published on the 24th of August!

Unfortunately because of The Current Situation launch events and parties have had to cancelled. I was so looking forward to having a bash, and had booked my friends Peter and Tony for a reunion gig of the Po Lauries. This was the name under which the three of us performed some of my songs-with-new-words-to-the-tune-of-a-well-known-song (there must be a word for that but it escapes me for the moment) in the year I was South Cumbria Poet Laureate. Peter was on keyboards and Tony shared the vocals with me. What larks we had, what larks… Alas, The Comeback Tour will not now be happening until some unforeseeable time in the future when something nearer to Normal Service is resumed for us all. So, until then, please do feel free to share this post and help get the word out.

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above the parapet

Like most people, I imagine, I’ve found it hard to keep going with my usual activities these last few months—including writing, though it’s central to my life both as process and product. There’s just so much energy needed to keep so much stuff at bay; so much effort going into not shouting with rage or terror or sheer frustration (well not in public anyway)… Time, I thought to do some celebrating. Share some good news for a change.

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the stickleback has landed

What on earth is she talking about? you may be wondering.
The Stickleback series is the collection of micro-pamphlets published by Hedgehog Press. Mine, wish you were here, has arrived from the publishers.
Much excitement. First edition, hot off the press and all that.

If you’d like a copy, get in touch via the contact form, and I’ll get back to you.

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