I guess it’s not surprising that this poem appeals to me so much, living as I am in a new place with no contacts. The poem’s been sitting on my desktop for weeks, waiting for when the internet was plumbed in and the stars aligned and I was ready to think about writing. So here it is: ‘The Aunty Poem‘ by Mohja Kahf.

Who doesn’t want an aunt like that? Not least because she can see what she receives as well as what she gives. I hope my nephew is reading this.

As well as sharing this lovely poem today, I want to let you know that your next few fixes of poetry will be available at my non-fiction site what the afternoon knows. There, after a looooong gap, I’m going to be picking up the story of fifty things for being fifty which I began four years ago. As each piece comes with a poem attached you’ll be getting a double fix. It’s unlikely I can write on both sites at the same time, so please swerve over there for a while, until that particular story is done and you can swerve back here. If in the meantime I post anything here too I’ll let you know.

… And of course, if anyone wants to offer a guest post here about one of their favourite poems, let me know. I’d be delighted to share it.

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