One offs/special events (forthcoming events are in italics)

14th September Guest reader at; details tbs

13th April 2021 ‘Meet the poet’ with Oz Hardwick & me, on Homestage. You can listen to the show here.

Regular events

PLEASE NOTE these groups are currently meeting on Zoom. Normal service will resume as and when it’s safe.

The What are Words Worth? group, funded by The Wordsworth Trust, meets monthly to share poetry, coffee and talk. You are welcome to join this friendly, informal group.

The 42 group is a thriving community of people who meet, September to June, to talk about—yes: life, the universe and everything. Each meeting starts with poems on whatever the day’s topic is; then the discussion goes where it will. I bring a poem to get the group started, and everyone else is welcome to bring whatever they thought of in relation to that month’s topic—or just bring themselves. (There’s never a shortage of material!) Some people talk, some people listen; some attend regularly, some bob in and out. It’s about having a shared space and time for mulling on what it is to be human. This, too, is an open group, and new members are always welcome.

Follow the links above for more information about these groups.

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