Lucy Crispin is a prize-winning poet who lives in the Lake District, England. Asked what she writes about, she mutters something vague about 'Um, well... what it's like being a person'. She's inspired by the natural world, travel, other people, the life of the spirit; interested, too, in the way our experiences shape us. Both in her poetry and her non-fiction she celebrates what she calls the everyday extraordinary.

Lucy is a former lecturer in literature who has worked for 15 years as a person-centred therapist, supervisor and facilitator. With a particular interest in loss and grieving, Lucy facilitates poetry-based CPD for fellow-therapists and charitable organisations. She has taught creative writing in third-sector organisations, schools, and at the Swanwick Writers’ Summer School.

In the last few years Lucy has been growing her therapy practice and publishing non-fiction, but in 2019 she turned her energies to promoting her poetry. The year also saw her develop exciting new collaborations with composers. Working with Clive Walkley, Lucy wrote the libretto for The Song of the Silent Child, a dramatic cantata with a folky, fable-like feel which explores our culture's uneasy relationship with sadness (first performance October 2019). Lucy has also written lyrics for composer Tamsin Jones, and is about to start another major piece of work in collaboration with Bob Duffield.

What with one thing and another, Lucy has a busy and creative life. Writing is part of every day. It makes the invisible appear.

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