Month: November 2021

the dark side

Next week we’ll have a quietly uplifting poem to remind us of those unexpected moments of connection and shared humanity which can transform our day. Today, however, I offer this disturbing-but-important-to-read poem which offers us a glimpse into a darker side. Here is ‘Litany of Ordinary Violences‘ by torrin a greathouse.

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and yet more weather

I realise it’s a bit late to offer you a poem called ‘Early October Snow‘, but it turned up in my inbox right at the end of last month and I can’t bear to wait another year before sharing it! I think Robert Haight’s poem is quietly beautiful in its imagery, and powerful in an understated way; so I hope that, thinking so too, you’ll forgive my tardiness.

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strange but true

I picked up an email from my non-fiction site the other day. Having decided it wasn’t spam—they didn’t want to sell me Ray Bans or improve my performance in search engines or the bedroom—I replied to it and found myself in conversation with Kate Winslet’s assistant (as you do). Kate, as I must now call her, wanted to read one of my poems at a charity event the following night. Well…. okaaaay then.

How heartening to know that such an International Cheese was involving herself with a local good cause. I feel proud to have been read for such a purpose, and in such company. Unfortunately I don’t have a recording but I do have the delight of my work being chosen. ‘Poetry makes nothing happen’, eh? You just never know.

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