I took down the “events” page from this site in about May last year. Reading and other engagements were cancelled, of course, and though I’ve taken part in some online launches and Youtube events, it’s not the same as meeting in person. Sharing a room and a poem with others has a real magic in it, and forgoing that has been one of the many losses of The Current Situation; tiny, perhaps, but real. As Cilla might have said, there’s a lorra lorra lemons about at the moment.

However, without making lemonade out of it all, I do want to acknowledge that one of the gifts of the 42 group now being online is that people from anywhere can join in. We meet Zoomily now, once a month, on a Wednesday evening from 7-9 (cost £7 per session), and spend time sharing poems we like on a given topic. It’s not a writers’ group, nor a therapy group, and it’s very definitely not about being any kind of expert on poetry. Rather, it’s a warm community where poems prompt discussion—about poetry, yes, but about life, the universe and everything. So I’d love to welcome readers from anywhere who think they might like to come and give it a try.

This month’s meeting is on Wednesday 17th February, when we are spending a second session with the (somewhat ambitious) topic of loss, grief, mourning, B**xit and unicorns (light relief!). If you’re interested, get in touch using the contact form. You’d be very welcome.

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