wish you were here

Wish you were here is a sequence of six poems about—well, about what so many poems are about: love. Love, joy, damage, hope… Each poem stands alone but as a composite entity they tell a story. Winner of a Hedgehog Press challenge, wish you were here can be bought from the publishers or directly from me.

The tale of doomed love is one of the most familiar in literature, but Crispin’s short sequence deals with this threadbare subject in an amazingly original and authoritative way.  Wish you were here is much more than a failed encounter: it is about truth set against untruth, transcendence set against smoke-and-mirrors;  it’s a tale of miracle and mirage, driven by language so subtly and precisely used that the legend achieves a kind of fresh shocking dignity… A new and compelling voice, at once both disciplined and passionate, both serious and moving, a rare enough combination in the contemporary poetry scene. On the evidence of this modest sequence, Crispin has an exciting poetic future, and I look forward very much to reading more of her work.
— RV Bailey

Price, with first class UK p&p (click to Pay via Paypal):*

  • as it comes: £3.00
  • signed, and with a dedication of your choice: £3.50

You can also have bundles:

  • shades of blue and wish you were here: £12.00
  • shades of blue and wish you were here, each signed and dedicated: £13.50
  • special edition of shades of blue and signed wish you were here: £19.00

We can talk about a discount for bulk purchases if you’re looking to buy a few, because postage will be different. For international postage, I’ll check how much it would be and let you know.

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